Open Parachute

Support your
whole school

Psychological tools for parents
to support their child’s
well-being at home

Raise your
Schools profile

In-depth resources from a
leading child and adolescent
clinical psychologist

Increase positive
interactions with parents

Psychologically trained
parents lead to more pleasant
interactions with staff

student risk

Easy tools for parents to
reduce student mental
health concerns

teacher stress

Well supported students
learn more effectively and
engage better in class

Online training videos

In-depth training made easy for parents

Reflection tools & practical exercises

Clinical psychology tools in a simple format

10-minute lessons

Make it easy for parents to learn on the go

For groups or individuals

Flexible format for different parent preferences

Parents Well-being Mental Health K-12 School
"We’re hearing from students, parents and teachers who are all saying, 'We want more of this! We want to do this, we want this to be a resource that we use for a very long time.'

Dr Hayley Watson has proven herself as both an on-the-ground clinical responder to families and students as well as a researcher, and having that grounding makes Open Parachute the best type of resource that we can give to students and families."

Lesson Contents

Skills-building for parents in addressing core well-being concerns that get in the way of student engagement and concentration.

Young Learners

●    Resilience
●    Empathy
●    Social Media
●    Saying No

The Middle Years

●    Bullying
●    Trauma
●    Acting Out
●    Self-Esteem

High School

●    Mental Health
●    Addictive Patterns
●    Boundaries & Consent
●    Anxiety & Depression

Help your parents be a
part of the solution

With separate mental health resources for parents, Open Parachute provides holistic support for all your students

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